Saturday, October 13, 2012

Check me out in Br@ndy Ft Chris Brown "PUT IT DOWN" Video

Shooting this Video was great!!! I had the time time of my life working w/the fam to bring Brandy some magic. Ja Quel and Chris Grant did the Choreography, Hype Williams Directed and Frank Gatson did his thing by Creative directing the whole project.  Brandy also shot a dance sequence w/Chris Brown that never made the edit, I may have to post that later down the line.

"Imma Put it down, You gone fall in love"


  1. You were great in the video, along with everyone else and Brandy. I truly enjoyed it. And if you could post that footage, that'd be amazing!

  2. Keep doing your thing- you have supporters who truly follow and support your career, please keep it up. And looking forward to the new updates!